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As a long-standing popular spot for street performers, this next story dates back to the 1930s and tells the story of how the VSA helped an unfortunate local talent recover from circumstances beyond his control.

Earning his living as a street performer, a local man was devastated when his violin was destroyed when his tent and home burnt up in a fire. As his only means of earning a livelihood, the charity did not hesitate and immediately bought him a new fiddle. He was “sent on his way rejoicing” and was a regular and extremely popular performer outside the charity’s office on Castle Street. He brought joy to many with his talent.

The Association has always had a reputation for being forward thinking and responsive with the ways in which it supported those most in need and set a good example to our modern world that even in the worst of times, all livelihoods should be supported.

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“I wis still at the school fan I picked up the fiddle for the very first time and my Da showed me how to play. I niver thoucht that it wid provide me wi’ my livelihood. A gie modest livin’ I must admit but entertaining folk in St Nicholas Square kept me in food and clithes for years and I wis content wi my lot. Right up until the nicht that I returned to find that the tent which was my hame had been destroyed by fire along wi a’ my worldly possession. And that included my fiddle.

I hid nae ither wiy o’ makin’ money and I didnae ken fit I wis gaen to dae. Fortunately the charity heard o’ my plight and presented me wi a new fiddle sending me on my wiy rejoicing. Jist days aifter the fire I wis outside the charity’s office in Castle Street playin’ for onybody who took the time to stop and listen and who hopefully moved on wi a wee bit mair of a spring in their step”.

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