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We invited people who’s lives had been touched by the VSA in some way to share their stories. Here you will find interview recordings from people who have been supported by the VSA in many different ways, as well as hearing from those responsible for facilitating these services and the challenges they faced delivering care during a global pandemic.

Carolyn Johnston memory
Broomhill Club 1949

Lady Elphinstone & Sir Hector Hetherington opening Broomhill Club 1949

Carolyn Johnston
Lesley Frazer memory
VSA Norco Car

How nice to see the Norco Car pictured recently on VSA's Facebook page. I managed the Aberdeen Volunteer Centre from 1990 to 1994, when it was still an integral part of VSA, and over 100 of our volunteers were kept very busy driving and helping on the three minibuses that we operated at that time - Norco, Winlaw and Christopher.

They went out every afternoon, taking groups of older people for a drive into the surrounding countryside, with a stop somewhere for tea. At its peak, this 'Special Transport' scheme had 900 older people on its passenger lists, and the service was much loved by its users.

The scheme was largely run by a very loyal group of four organisers - all volunteers - who came into the Castle Street office to fill the weekly rotas of drivers and helpers, and to send out the passenger invitations. There was also a separate 'Volunteer Drivers' scheme, with 40 volunteer drivers using their own cars to take people for hospital appointments or to do a bit of shopping.

Lesley Frazer
Exhibition opening night at Aberdeen Art Gallery

By Jim Allison

It’s getting close, the nerves are jangling,
What can go wrong despite all the planning?
Does the display look right, will the bosses be pleased,
What do they really think, I can’t possibly guess.
But soon we will know as the great night approaches,
When the Lord Provost and guests in all their fineries,
Enter the gallery numbered two, there will be oohs and aah’s,
Resounding loud and clear, just music, the finest, to your tender ears.

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