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If you look just up the street you will see the Aberdeen Sheriff Court and Tolbooth. The reason why we point this out is because the VSA began its support for released prisoners in 1875 & helped them find their way back to lawful lives and supported them with jobs, housing and mentors. They later ran the Discharged Prisoners’ Aid Society in 1937 onward to support men and women being released from prison to start a new life on a lawful path. They provided practical support in the form of food, clothing, lodgings, and travel costs as well as valuable and impartial advice and encouragement.

The VSA was pioneering in its work with prisoner reform and support. They had the foresight and understanding to see that criminals were often stuck in a circle of reoffending because they had no other means of supporting themselves through securing employment.

If your life has been touched by VSA, we invite you to share you story